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These days aren’t meant for isolation. Oh, on one hand, we’ve never been better at solitude; how easily we fold into our artificial shells and seal ourselves inside. But as it gets easier and easier to do without human connection, we’re faced with the simple, enduring truth that all alone, we feel less. We create less. We are less.  
“Amid humankind’s technological advances, the world is chaotic and erratic, and more and more we long for harmony, comfort and unity,” says Sük Chai. The craving is a deeply felt realization as well as an acknowledgement of good fortune and excellent support. She crafted her Legion collection as an homage to the team effort—to togetherness.
In the line’s rich color signatures—cut to simple shapes in sumptuous cashmeres, crepe, twill and shirting with delicate, minimal details—she sees an army of “humble visionaries” clapping hand over hand and holding tight to the same tow line. Like a family, like a formation, like a childhood pact. Pulling for one another and with one another.
Uniting them all, first and forever, is a shared emotion—but their uniform is a sensation, too:  “A sense of belonging, discipline, mission and perhaps wisdom. When we wear a uniform, we make good choices—we act on behalf of the whole.”
Imagine, for example, a cavalcade in the Kandan [translated, "simple" in Korean] dress—the collection includes one in every fabrication; each with an elegant V-neck, raw-edged bell sleeves and an extra-long belt. The efficiency of a shift dress, the power of purity, the evocation of that tow line.  Hand over hand over hand.
Legion: the designer’s title for the set that makes up the collection's whole, but more than that, too. The memory of a lost idyll and the belief that we can bring it back tomorrow. Past, present, future.
Mothers, daughters, mentors, partners, cast, crew, clan, community. The weaver, the wearer, the lover, the dreamer. Together we are so much more.


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