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S​ük Chai

[suuk  chay]

Good design has been with Sük Chai since she was a child. A Korean-born daughter of a fisherman, Sük wore hand-me-downs while simultaneously being drawn to the finer side of fashion.


An award-winning graduate from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Sük spent decades managing and directing high-end brands with hundreds of millions of annual volume at Fortune 100 companies in New York and Seattle. At this point, her heart began screaming for something more.


SCHAI [pronounced Shay] was Sük’s breath in motion. This bespoke line revealed her spirit in its strength while remaining approachable, versatile, and sensual. SCHAI remains a completely passionate package, an “untailored-tailored alternative luxury”. 


With 27+ years of experience in the fashion industry and years of creating new pieces, receiving global accolades and recognition, this fashion cycle started taking more than it gave.  The idea of “creating new” felt more draining than empowering, while the idea of “creating from” offered life again. The path of sustainability took precedence.


Continuously drawing on inspiration and the legacy of SCHAI, Sük is a founding member of As Sustainable As Possible [ASAP] and Daamoa. As Chief Creative for ASAP, Sük guides the creative direction of the organization and helps cultivate a list of brands to bring to the consumer for all needs of life.  The sisterhood company of Daamoa celebrates the Korean artistic heritage of Bojagi, the art of gift wrapping with Korean wrapping cloths. Sük knows the art of fine fabrics, beautiful presentations, and bridges them together through sustainability in her role as the Chief Brand Officer at Daamoa.


Based in Seattle, Sük continues to pour into her creative agency,  Mode Legion Creative Studio – Creative Brand Consulting in the Business of Fashion, supporting independent designers and brands. She knows “good design is inherently sustainable.” 


Connecting with her work, her art, and most importantly you, drives Sük to create with a new twist. Reach out to join her journey and start the conversation.

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